I like a certain manufacturer's soap. Because it has moist and rinsed skin care effect, it is used at home and at work.

I am using the best soap for skin care.
I am using the best soap for skin care.

Soap like cream with skin care effect

Recently, I have my favorite soap.
It is a cosmetic manufacturer's soap.
Although it is a famous soap that you can see on the advertisement of television, it can be tried easily by anyone because it is available at a low price, such as at a drug store or a pharmacy.
Three set of deals packs are also sold, but since there is also rose sale by 1 piece, I think that it is easy to purchase those who live alone.
I also purchase this rose seller.
I tried to use that soap that happened to be at home happily for daily hand washing, and I felt that the washing feeling was very good and also the skin care effect, so I tried purchasing repeat.
Bubbling is very good, like a cream, smooth bubbles are made, it is very pleasant to wash.
I like the fragrance of the skin after scrubbing is very refreshing and washing, and the fragrance remaining in hand.

I used it at home and it became my favorite soap, so I put it in the washroom of the work place and use it for the hand washing at work.
I felt that the roughness of the hands and the rustling of the skin were reduced compared to when using a hand soap with strong bactericidal ingredients.
I am very pleased with the number of hand washings, so I feel happy with a moist and rich wash.
Because it is a soap to use everyday, it is also a favorite point that it is an economical price with a gentle washing comfort that can be used with peace of mind.
I feel comfortable with a faint fragrance that remains in my hands during work.
While rinsing soap with hands, washing well and washing it is easy to wash while firmly washing, so it gets rid of dirt firmly, so I will continue to use it at home and workplace in the future.

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