It is the smell of the body that is worrisome in the hot summer season. Let's make your skin care firm with odor countermeasures soap.

I am using the best soap for skin care.
I am using the best soap for skin care.

Summer skin care comes from the bath. Soap that suppresses the smell of sweat

In the summer's sweaty season, the smell of sweat is concerned in places where people gather, such as in a crowded train, in an office, in an elevator. It is impossible for you to say that you do not sweat in the summer. Therefore, how to skincare so as not to smell sweat is a measure to survive the uneasy summer.
In the beginning, sweat itself is originally odorless.

However, when the skin is unsanitary and the pores are dirty, the bacteria and perspiration lurking in the pores coalesce and a smell occurs. In other words, if you kept everything you care about constantly every day, you will be able to reduce the smell to a certain extent.
In the summer it may be good to change the body soap to one that is effective for smell countermeasures. What kind of body soap should be chosen, please pay attention to ingredients first.

Well, it often tends to choose floral scented soap, but it is not effective to compete with smell to eliminate smell. It is the first thing to erase the origin of the smell.
Alum is the most effective ingredient for smell reduction.
Alum is a component that is gentle to the skin with food additives. Suppression of bacterial growth or deodorizing odor can be expected, so many cases are used for body care odor skin care products.
And if it contains moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, it is even better.
If you wash too much moisture and dry it, trying to moisten that part, trying to moisturize the body with sebum, excessive sebum comes out so be careful.

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