Washing face is the basis of skin care. Considering that point, choosing a washing face soap is important. Let's choose cleansing soap well.

I am using the best soap for skin care.
I am using the best soap for skin care.

Selection of washing face soap is the basis of skin care

The basics of skin care will be cleansing more than anything else.
Recently I have lost my choice because various washing face soap is out.
There are a variety of things, such as a combination of cleansing effect that cleans up makeup and facial cleansing effect, one with scrubbing to remove dirt on pores, and one with peeling effect to peel off horny skin.
One of the things you would like to refer to as a matter of choice is whether the facial cleanser contains petroleum surfactant or not.
A surfactant is a substance that does not normally mix, but an interface occurs between water and oil, but it is a substance that changes the properties of the interface and mixes with each other.
Surfactants include natural products, but many are petroleum-based ones.
It is said that if this surfactant is used for a long time it will ruin your skin and cause atopy and allergy.

In this regard, it can be said that solid washing face soap and no additive can be used with relative relief.
You may be worried about whether you can drop cosmetics with solid soap. If the foundation you use is of a type with no additives, you can drop it with double facial cleansing.
However, the point in this regard is to wash firmly after lathering firmly.
Because cleansing is important for soap bubbles.
Recently there are convenient things such as lather net for washing face soap.
Let's firmly wash it like using whipped whipped shape and wrapping it.
Wash your face gently and politely, let's keep healthy skin.

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